September 20th – 1pm

FUNBOX – the brand new family show from Anya, Kevin and Gary (formerly the stars of
the Singing Kettle).
The magical FUNBOX contains everything you
need to sing a song and have an adventure, but it’s
locked tight, and won’t open until you find the
special keys to open it up. Can you help to find
them all? With crazy characters and dress-up fun;
everyone can help out in this truly interactive
adventure. They’ll also be joined by their old chum
Bonzo, who’s trying to get everyone to think like a
Family favourite singalong songs like; ‘My Maw’s a
Millionaire’, ‘Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff a
Bus’, ‘Ally Ally O’ and ‘Aiken Drum’, alongside brand
new songs, will entertain and enthrall kids of all
ages, from nought to ninety.
Dress up and join in the fun, come in your favourite,
fanciest, coolest, grooviest outfit! Who knows, you
might get the chance to help onstage too!
Get ready to find those keys, unlock the box and
release the fun.


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